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Gravity Perseus (グラビティペルセウ, Gurabitei Peruseusu; English "Gravity Destroyer") is the 29th episode of Beyblade: Metal Masters and the 80th episode of the Metal Saga.


After Tsubasa and Yu defeat Wales and Sophie, it is time for the final match of the A-Block finals between Gingka and Julian Konzern. Since his last battle with Ryuga, Gingka learned new strategies since Gravity Destroyer AD145WD can be a reverse-rotating Bey. Gingka has a good start, but Julian quickly pushed back, determined to win against Gingka not only to get into the finals, but also to indirectly prove to Ryuga that Gravity Destroyer is superior to his reverse-rotating Meteo L-Drago as Gingka was the only one in the world to defeat it back in Battle Bladers. Julian uses the Eyes of Medusa to push Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F down into the ground which would result in a sleep out, but Gingka does not back down. Using the light rubber flat performance tip and the spin track that goes in the other direction, he is able to increase Pegasus's speed to defy the gravity and make a great hit to Destroyer. Gingka tries to go for the Starbooster Attack, but Destroyer counters with Black Excalibur. Ginga suddenly remembers Ryuga's words, "It seems that you have not yet mastered its powers now have you?" and finally understood what he was saying: The reason Ryuga was able to rid L-Drago of the dark power and tap into its true potential is because he came to fully trust L-Drago's capabilities and became one with it. Trusting Pegasus's R2F performance tip, Ginga taps into Pegasus's full power to make a new special move, Stardust Driver. Julian uses Black Excalibur a second time, but with Pegasus's new special move Stardust Driver, it breaks through Black Excalibur and once it made contact, Destroyer goes out of the stadium, proving that L-Drago is the king of reverse-rotation. and Team Gan Gan Galaxy wins the A-Block finals. They then progress to the Final Tournament, along with Team Excalibur.

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  • When Gingka defeated Julian, it was the very first time he had ever been defeated by any Blader. He clearly wasn't used to it, which is shown even clearer in the battle alongside his teammates against Damian Hart.

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