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Metal Masters series
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The Midday Street Battle
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Kanji 白昼のストリートバトル
Romaji "Hakuchu no Sutoriito Batoru"
Episode Number 30 (MM) 81 (MF)
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Arc Big Bang Bladers
Previous Episode Gravity Destroyer
Next Episode The Brazilian Trap
Japanese October 24, 2010
English March 3, 2012 (U.S.)
Theme Music
Opening Galaxy Heart
Ending Ōzora wo Koete Yuke
Episode Notes
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Main Character Debuts Team Garcias

The Midday Street Battle (白昼のストリートバトル, Hakuchu no Sutoriito Batoru; English "The Daylight Street Battle") is the 30th episode of Beyblade: Metal Masters and 81st episode of the Metal Saga.


Following Gingka's victory in his battle with Julian, Team GanGan Galaxy are on a cruiseship to Brazil, in time for their match with Brazil's representative team, Team Garcia. As they listen to the Brazillian DJ's announcement, they find out they will arrive in Rio de Janeiro and battle in a specialized-made Stadium. Team GanGan Galaxy decide to relax for now, and then when they arrive, to gather information on Team Garcia.

Meanwhile, Team Garcia are seen in a dark room, watching over an hour's worth of battles from the Beyblade World Championships. One, being of Team GanGan Galaxy. The team makes their remarks and comments at it, noting how powerful they seem to be. Despite this, the oldest member of the team, Argo Garcia does not think they are much, and pushes the television off. Telling his team that they will "crush" them and win.

Later, Team GanGan Galaxy finally arrive in Brazil. However, as they arrive they get an unexpected surprise visit from their old friend, Kenta. Kenta explains that he came all this way from Japan to cheer GanGan Galaxy in their upcoming match; figuring that they would be here. To celebrate Kenta's arrival from coming halfway around the world, they go to a diner and eat.

After eating, the gang go into a van as they drive through the streets of Rio, Brazil. Finding little kids Beyblading and a street by which their driver tells them is "very dangerous to cross". They arrive at a massive building and go inside for discussion on Team Garcia.

Kenta puts a videotape in, and urges them to watch. Despite bad quality, the video shows of Team Garcia, during their victory at the B Block match earlier. In it, each member of the team, Argo Gracy, Selen Gracy, and Ian Gracy defeats their opponent without doing anything; just a little technique. Kenta explains that Team Garcia wasn't using their full potential, only doing this so their challenger (GanGan Galaxy) would not know of their power; to save it for their match.

Kenta remarks it as a nice move, but still does not like them. The gang later decide

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  • When Madoka inspects Ray Gil, she calls it's Performance Tip, "Rubber Sharp Flat" when it's official English name is "Rubber Spike Flat".
  • The Brazilian DJ mispronounces Cyclone as "sy-clon".


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