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My Friend's Name is Zeo (友の名はゼオ, Tomo no mei ha Zeo; English "The Friend's Name is Zeo") is the 34th episode of Beyblade: Metal Masters and the 85th episode of the Metal Saga.


Team Gan Gan Galaxy arrives in New York shortly after their battle with Team Garcias. Masamune runs off to go look for Toby. The rest of the team and Kenta go around the city before accidently finding Masamune. Toby was not at the hospital he was in and Masamune goes to the Dungeon Gym to find out where he is. Coach Steel tells Masamune that Zeo Abyss has moved him to a hospital but doesn't know where. Masamune tells his friends about his history with Toby and Zeo. Zeo appears then and brings Masamune and the others to the old training lot. The two friends catch up, and Zeo tells Masamune how he went to train at HD Academy. Zeo gives Masamune the address to the hospital Toby's in now and then battles him. Zeo's Bey, Flame Byxis 230WD has a tall spin track, making it hard to attack the Fusion Wheel. Masamune's Ray Striker D125CS delivers blows to Byxis despite the height of the spin track. Both Zeo and Masamune are about to call out their special moves but then stop them so that Toby will be able to watch the battle. Masamune and the others go back to Dungeon Gym and are then asked to battle with several Bladers. Zeo is shown watching Team Gan Gan Galaxy and says darkly that he will never forgive Masamune.

Major Events[]

  • Team GanGan Galaxy and Kenta make it to America.
  • Masmune is reunited with Coach Steel and his old friends, Zeo and Toby.
  • Zeo and Masmune battle but stop before someone wins.
  • Zeo is revealed to have a grudge against Masamune.



Featured Beybattles[]

Special Moves Used[]


  • Zeo Abyss says Special Move but doesn't say the name of the move.
  • "My name isn't Toby, it's Benjamin" might be a reference to Toby's voice actor Benjamin Israel.

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