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The Beyblade: Shogun Steel toyline coincides with the fourth season in Takafumi Adachi's Metal Saga. The line is divided into Starters, Synchrom Boosters, Random Boosters, Sets, Stadiums, and Accessories.


The toyline was released on March 31, 2011 in Japan with its first seven products. It is concurrent with Hasbro's release of Metal Fury. Hasbro also released their toyline, but it was done in 2013, two years after Japan's receiving of the item.


Beyblade: Shogun Steel introduces, a new concept to Beyblade; Zero-G (short for zero gravity). While not in its traditional sense, it introduces new BeyStadiums with a gimmick. The gimmick being the Stadiums itself, when Beyblades are launched in it to battle, the Stadium literally tilts around and sways; causing the Beyblades to dash around the BeyStadium to somewhat emulate: Zyro gravity.

The cause of this chaotic movement, is because two factors are currently taking place in the battle. Balance and weight, coming from the Beyblades, affects how they will perform in the new BeyStadiums. Balance being how symmetrical or asymmetrical the Beyblade is, and weight being how heavy or light the Beyblade itself is.


The Beys in the series focus on three important aspects.

  • Diamond-shaped Faces.
  • Asymmetrical shapes.
  • A "crystal" in the metal.

Compared to the three previous series where Beyblades shared a constellation motif, Zero-G instead swaps this for a mythical creatures motif. This can be seen with its first two releases, Samurai Ifraid W145CF and Shinobi Saramanda SW145SD. Which are based on the ifrit and the mythical salamander, respectively.

System & Design

A new system arises in the series as well, with new parts introduced. The parts consist of a Stone Face, Chrome Wheel, Crystal Wheel, Track, and Bottom. Tracks and Bottoms are interchangeable with other previous releases, while the Chrome and Crystal Wheels are not, since they are new parts. It is not known at the moment weather Stone Faces are though.

The Beyblades take a more radical and detailed design, which first began in the 4D System. While now, it is more in-depth with the mythical creature it is based on with details and designs usually features on its Stone Face and Chrome Wheel. Samurai Ifraid is a good example, as an ifrit is depicted on its Stone Face and fire details with an ifrit's head on its Chrome Wheel. They are so detailed, that asymmetrical designs are now emphasized as well.

The series introduces never-before-seen Beyblades, and other merchandise; such as, Synchrom Boosters, Random Boosters, and new Beyblade sets.[1]

The Hasbro branding was designed by Jonathan Biggs, who also oversaw the design for B-Daman Crossfire[2].

Takara Tomy


Synchrom Boosters

Random Boosters




Cancelled Products

  • BBG-23: Zero-G Digital Power Launcher
  • BBG-28: Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 4 Archer Garuta[3]
  • BBG-28: Zero-G Level-Up Reshuffle Set[3]





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