The Blazing Special Move! (炎の必殺転技, Honō no hissatsu tengi; English "The Blazing Special Move") is the third episode of the Beyblade: Shogun Steel season and the 159th/160th episode of the Metal Saga. It aired in two parts on May 6, 2012 and May 13, 2012 in Japan. It aired as one episode on August 24, 2013 in the United States.


Part 1

With a replay of a scene from the previous episode; Ifrit knocks Orochi out of the Stadium and wins. Everyone comments on how Orochi has lost, while Benkei and Maru congratulate Zyro, who is ecstatic about his victory.

Later the next day, everyone around Metal Bey City is talking about Eight's loss and Zyro's strategy on beating his Orochi. Bladers have visited the B-Pit attempting to improve their Beys to be like Zyro. Zyro is now a local idol.

Shinobu is shown battling a Blader in the local Beypark, merely toying with him and not putting any effort in at all. Zyro shows up and challenges Shinobu. Maru comments on how much stronger Zyro has become in an attempt to lure Shinobu in. Everyone is amazed at the challenge as they stare at Zyro. Shinobu finishes off the Blader and walks away, refusing to battle Zyro.

Zyro then hops into battling against Bladers in the Zero-G Stadium. Again and again, he continues to win with one-hit-knockouts, vowing to become even stronger. The Beypark Bladers are amazed at Zyro's power and appear frightened. Maru comments that Zyro's burning revenge and desire to battle Shinobu is driving pushing him to his limits and bringing out his power.

Madoka and Benkei discuss about Zyro and Shinobu, and how their next battle will be hard to predict. Tsubasa appears and interrupts their conversation, shocking both Madoka and Benkei. Tsubasa mentions that, in order to test Zyro's power, and give him a chance to battle Shinobu, he is running a Tournament. Benkei offers to sponsor the tournament.

The next day, Video Screens around Metal Bey City are showing a video of Blader Gai, who is informing Bladers of the Beypark 1-Day Tournament. Shinobu appears shocked to hear of this.

Benkei informs Zyro of the 1-Day Tournament, and how Bull Burger is sponsoring the Tournament. He also explains that the Zero-G Stadium is used by default, and that Shinobu will more than likely enter. Zyro jumps at this, realizing that, if he and Shinobu reach the finals, Shinobu will be forced to battle him. Benkei explains to Zyro than Ifrit has more power than Zyro realities, and that he must learn to use it. Knowing this, Zyro finishes his burger and runs out of the restaurant to begin some bonus training.

Later that night, Zyro puts that training to the test at the Beypark, testing his launch power and Ifrit's speed. Ifrit's speed rocks the Stadium violently as Zyro swears to win.

The next day, the 1-Day Tournament begins. Both Shinobu and Zyro easily take out their opponents with one-hit knockouts. Maru comments that Ifrit's power has increased even further since battling Eight's Orochi. Madoka comments that it is a good thing and shows Zyro is working hard.

Eight is shown with his brother, Kite. Both are observing the matches and Eight tells Kite that (Zyro) is the Blader who defeated him. Interested, Kite gets out his laptop and begins collecting data, agreeing with Eight's idea of battling Zyro himself.

Everyone observes as Zyro and Shinobu storm through the tournament with great ease. Blader Gai then announces the final battle; Zyro Kurogane vs. Shinobu Hiryuin. Both Bladers take their positions on the platforms. Zyro then calls over to Shinobu, saying that he will win and prove how much stronger he has become. The entire stadium begins a countdown; "3...2...1...Let It Rip!".

Part 2

Zyro Kurogane and Shinobu Hiryuin both yell "Let It Rip!" and launch their Beys. Zyro has Samurai Ifrit W145CF to attack Ninja Salamander SW145SD. Shinobu has Salamander circle the stadium to shake it, but Ifrit catches up to it and attacks. Maru and Madoka see that Zyro mastered the Zero-G Stadium.

Eight gets angry because Zyro is copying all his moves, while Kite becomes interested in the battle. Ninja Salamander does barrage attacks on Samurai Ifrit, but Zyro starts to push back. He then goes for another attack, but Salamander disappears and continues its barrage attacks from behind.

Maru looks on her computer to find out why the stadium moved when Ifrit flicked Salamander, and went behind in a split second. Shinobu continues to make Ninja Salamander disappear and attack Samurai Ifrit. After many barrage attacks from Salamander, Zyro commands Ifrit to spin around the stadium. Shinobu watches as Salamander gets sucked, by Ifrit's speed.

Eight tells Kite that was the move that defeated him. Shinobu tries to make Salamander disappear, but Zyro has taken away its movement. Shinobu is surprised Zyro improved in a short time, and wonders what kind of person he is. Ifrit's attack sends Salamander into the air, but Salamander misses the escape pocket, and is still spinning.

Maru sees on her computer that Salamander's SW145 Spin Track was set to Defense Mode to counter Ifrit's power. Zyro tries the attack again, but Salamander dodges it and Shinobu continues his barrage attacks on Samurai Ifrit. Zyro tries use the attack again and Shinobu continues his evasive techniques, with both Beys passing attacks while dodging each other. Salamander suddenly stops its attack on Ifrit, much to Zyro's shock.

Maru wonders why Samurai Ifrit's stamina is dropping against Ninja Salamander, although it did not against Pirate Orochi 145D. Madoka tells her that Orochi depends on Stamina and Salamander is balanced in every way, while Orochi depends on counter attacks, and Salamander's barrage attacks deal more damage.

Eight worries if Zyro loses before he battles his brother, then gets mad for cheering for him. Zyro wonders what he should do after losing Stamina from his attacks. He flashes back to what Benkei told him and decides to use all of Ifrit's power. He has Ifrit spin around the stadium, but Salamander dodges the attack.

Samurai Ifrit W145CF continues to spin in different directions, and Shinobu does not know what he is going to do. Benkei, Madoka, and Maru wonder if his move is gonna work. Zyro powers up and creates a new special move, "Burning Upper", and sends Ninja Salamander SW145SDout of the stadium.

Blader Gai announces Zyro is the winner and everyone starts to cheer. Zyro and Shinobu become friends and Maru wonders what will happen to them. Tsubasa is watching the match, and says the new age of Beyblade is starting.

Eight does not like the ending and thinks he is a fool, but Kite thanks them because he got enough data, saying it is "Perfect.".

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