The Power of Bonds (絆の力, Shasai no pawā) is the tenth full episode of the Beyblade: Shogun Steel season and the 172th/173th episodes of the Metal Saga. The first half of the episode title "The Strongest Man Defense" aired on August 12, 2012 in Japan, and the second half of the episode title "The Golem's Iron Wall" aired on August 19, 2012 in Japan.


Part 1

By a side-walk, Yoshio Iwayama walks along the path, with a smirk on his face and a gentle chuckle with young Bladers cowering in fear.

At his home, Kite Unabara continues his intense research to find out every-other Beyblade capable of Left-spin. All he can find though, Lightning L-Drago 100HF,Meteo L-Drago LW105LF,L-Drago Destructor F:S,Gravity Destroyer AD145WD and Variares D:D. Though not his goal, he is trying to find information on another unknown Bey; specifically Dark Knight Dragooon. With no documents leading to it, multiple screens of [NO_DATA] randomly appear; infuriating Kite.

His younger sibling, Eight, offers Kite a water bottle to take a rest from his exhausting searches. Kite, too distracted by his work ignores his brother as Eight then offers some sandwiches. Still infuriated, Kite smacks the sandwiches out of Eight's hand in anger. Saddening Eight and as a result, Kite realizes this and deeply apologizes for his arm spasm.

Eight occurs a deep pity for Kite as he decides to ride on his skateboard to get out of their house. Finding a swarm of Beybladers around the local Bey-Pit, Kite decides to take a look for himself on the unexpected disturbance.

Inside the said shop, every Blader is angrily complaining to Madoka Amano about their Beyblades. As she takes a closer look at one of their Beys, their face mark or motif has disappeared. The same has happened to the others, albeit with subtle scratches and such.

They explain to Madoka that a brutal Blader going by the name of Yoshio Iwayama has committed this crime. Eight, overhearing the dozens of Bladers in their reasoning decides to take it up by himself and find this, Yoshio.

Meanwhile, Zyro and Co. undergo usual training with Benkei Hanawa.

After riding around the city, Eight finds a large, buffed-up, and muscular Blade towering over Kite like a golem. As Eight asks for their name, he introduces as Yoshio Iwayama; in his deep and monstrous voice. Eight acknowledges this and accuses Toboku of his damage to the Blader's Beys. Yoshio does not deny this one bit but just after that, Eight challenges Yoshio to a battle to avenge those he attacked. Yoshio is searching for Kite Unabara however and does not that Eight is his sibling, so Eight impersonates his brother to defeat Yoshio.

Accepting, he introduces his Bandid Goreim DF145BS when preparing for combat. They "Go Shoot!" and launch into battle with Eight's Orojya taking on Goreim. In the first sight of impact, Orojya gets thrown away by Goreim. As shocked as he is, he commands Orojya to lead into a another attack, with little damage occurring.

In some way, Zyro and the gang dash towards Eight's battle, wanting to find out just who is he up against and to make sure their friend isn't hurt along the way. Going about it, they arrive just at the exact climax of the battle and start shouting Eight's name. Unknown to them, they cause a mistake that could cost Eight his battle. As Yoshio claims that his Goreim is a stronger Defensive Bey than that of Kite's Guardian Revizer, he is surprised to find out he is battling his brother: Eight Unabara.

As a result, a huge dust storm raves at the last collision and Pirates Orojya receiving a Stadium-Out by Bandid Goriem.

Part 2

Sprinting, Kite Unabara arrives at Bull Burger to find his brother, Eight safe from any harm. With Zyro and Co., Eight explains to Kite how he battled with Yoshio Iwayama after he terrorized many Bladers with his Bey, Bandid Goreim DF145BS. In response, Eight impersonated Kite, the person Yoshio searched for and battled him, ultimately losing in the process. Although safe, Eight did manage to obtain a small wound on his elbow, safely covered by a bandage. Outraged by this, Kite demands to find Yoshio and make him pay for his actions.

That night, Kite commits to some special training before he intended battle with Yoshio. Eight arrives soon, offering Kite the water bottle and sandwiches that he subsequently turned down the other day. Accepting it, Kite deeply apologizes for letting Eight to obtain a battle wound. Eight takes it lightly however, and is just glad that Kite is with him.

The following day at the Bey Park, Yoshio just finished a victorious fight. Out of nowhere, Kite arrives with his friends, there to challenge and defeat Yoshio for assaulting his defense-less brother. Following this further, he introduces as the true Kite Unabara, whom Yoshio was seeking. Satisfied, Yoshio agrees and they begin their battle.

Starting off calm, Yoshio's Bandid Goreim DF145BS throws down against Kite's Guardian Revizer 160SB. Yoshio finally intends to discover who of the two is the real defender. One clash causes both Beys to spring back. Still fighting, Goreim takes the lead and subdues Revizer even further with more hits. Maru studies the actions behind Bandid Goreim as it progresses.

Suddenly, Kite just snaps out of his current persona and becomes enraged just like his first battle with Zyro. Decided he had enough hits to take place, Revizer comes back and hits Goreim; both extensively using their full power. Kite adds even more strength and Goreim is beginning to lose grasp of it.

Despite this, Yoshio commands Goreim to break away. Goreim then takes its position and dashes back to Revizer in which, they use their full power again until Yoshio entrusts his full potential to throw Revizer back. Kite then takes a look to shockingly see parts of Revizer broken to bits and pieces of metal.

Yoshio just laughs in victory, stating that Kite Unabara and his Guardian Revizer aren't so powerful and declaring his Goreim as the true defender.

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