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Explosion! Infinite Fire Stream Assault (炸裂!無幻火流撃, Sakuretsu! Mugen Hiryūgeki) is the twelfth episode of the Beyblade: Shogun Steel season and the 166th episode of Metal Saga. It aired on June 24, 2012 in Japan.


As Ren Kurenai and Takanosuke Shishiya have their Beybattle, Zyro Kurogane, Maru, Shinobu Hiryuin, and Benkei Hanawa arrive in response to someone using the Beypark; discovering it to be Ren in the process. Nevertheless, they spectate the match and ponder on the new Blader, Shishiya.

Ren's Thief Phoenic battles with Takanosuke's Archer Gryph. Phoenic appears to be having difficulty in battling Archer Griff, as Takanosuke unleashes a tornado. Gryph's motif glows as its beast soars through the air and rams Phoenic hard. As a result, Ren is left defeated and very saddened by it.

The others are shocked as well, with Zero deciding he should battle Shishiya. Despite this, Shinobu steps up to battle, because he wanted to create his own Special move.

When Shishiya finds out Shinobu wants to challenge him, he becomes very excited about getting a chance to battle "Invincible Salamander". A bit cocky, Takanosuke accepts and knows he'll try his best. The two prepare for the Zero-G Stadium and prepare to "Go Shoot!".

Archer Gryph fights Shinobi Saramanda in the stadium with full force.

Soon enough, Archer Gryph emits a strange howling sound. This happens every time Gryph gives a hit to Saramanda.

Shinobu calms himself down and with the power of his heart creates a Special Move which consists of Shinobi Saramanda cloning itself; very similar to an illusion by the way of the ninja. Takanosuke is startled but doesn't back down and commands Gryph to take attack the illusions until the real Saramanda is revealed. When it finally does, Saramanda attacks and Griff falls defeated.

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Infinite Fire Stream Assult (Shinobi Saramanda's)

Archers Claw (Archer Gryph's)




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English Subbed Zyro G Episode 12

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