ZG017 : The Gargole's Trap
Shogun Steel series
ZG019 : The Strongest Man Defense
Clash! Zero VS Sakyo
Kanji 激突!ゼロVS左京
Romaji Gekitotsu! Zyro VS Sakyō
Episode Number 18 (ZG), 172 (MF), 9 part 2 (SS)
Arc A New Era
Previous Episode The Gargole's Trap
Next Episode The Strongest Man Defense
Debut Airdate(s)
Japanese August 5, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Zero-G Bey! Go!
Ending Looking Up Smiling (We Go!)
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Dark Knight Dragooon LW160BSF
Main Character Debuts

Clash! Zyro VS Sakyo (激突!ゼロVS左京, Gekitotsu! Zyro VS Sakyō) is the eighteenth episode of the Beyblade: Shogun Steel season and the 172nd episode of Metal Saga. It aired on August 5, 2012 in Japan. 


Shortly after Zyro defeated Akuya in battle, Zyro and Maru come and see Shinobu injured from his battle with Sakyo and Saramanda defeated by Dark Knight Dragooon. Then Zyro challenges Sakyo to get revenge for Shinobu. The battle begins and Zyro is losing badly to Sakyo. Zyro claims he must not lose to a left-rotation bey because Gingka Hagane gave him Ifrit. Sakyo reacts by saying that Zyro isn't the only one to have received a bey from the hands of a Legendary Blader. Sakyo then tells them that he is a Dragon Emperor just like Ryuga seven years ago. Then Zyro says that he does not care and then orders a special move. His bey starts to spin so fast it breaks through a rock and self defeat's himself and loses the battle. After this Sakyo smiled and left with Takanosuke following him and Zyro swearing that he will defeat Sakyo the next time they battle and that the battle will take place in the Zero G Stadium.

Major Events

  • Sakyo defeats Shinobu.
  • Zyro battles Sakyo, but self KO's and loses.
  • Sakyo reveals that he too has obtained his Bey from a Legendary Blader (Most likely Ryuga).





Featured Beybattles

Continued from Previous Episode




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