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The Emperor of Ultimate Destruction, Bahamdia (究極破壊皇バハムディア, Kyūkyoku hakaiou Bahamudia) is the 35th episode of the Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G season and the 179th episode of the Metal Saga. It first aired on December 2, 2012 in Japan.


Blader Guy gives a recap of the recent match between Zero Kurogane and Sakyo Kuroyami, the resulting of this first match of the semi-finals to ultimately have Zero advance to the finals as the second and last match of the semi-finals is about to commence. As this happens, Team Garcia are spectating the soon-to-be match as their motives and expectations for Kira are soon, underway. Shinobu Hiryūin will be pitted against Kira Hayama in order to determine who shall advance to the finals and battle Zero to be crowned the champion of Neo Battle Bladers and essentially, the No. 1 Blader in Japan. As this occurs, the audience remains cheering in excitement as the two opponents walk to the Zero-G Stadium with Shinobu's friends cheering him on with confidence.

Entering the platforms, they are raised up to prepare for their match as immediately, Shinobu announces to Kira how he has conducted intense training and has been prepared to defeat Berserker Begirados SR200BWD; the signature Bey of Kira. Kira however, merely smirks and scoffs at this when he tells Shinobu that he had no need to wield Begirados anymore, throwing it away in search of something "more". As a solution, Kira was able to receive what he was aspiring for in the form of the God Gladiator Bahamdia SP230GF the god of ultimate destruction. Alarming everyone in an instant; including Team Garcia, each remains in shock and distraught by this unexpected debut of a new Beyblade. Kira further announces that his new Beyblade is something not to be underestimated and that Shinobu's plan to counter Begirados' moves has now failed; forcing Shinobu to cope with the advent of a new Bey. Shinobu, annoyed and irritated by this, starts of "3... 2... 1... Go Shoot!" as he and Kira launch their Beyblades for battle.

Shinobi Saramanda SW145SD lands in the arena to combat Bahamdia yet in an instant, Bahamdia shows full-throttle already when it brings Saramanda to leap off the Stadium floor. Surprised, Shinobu commands Saramanda to return safely but only to face the same attack and is thrown out into the air. Quite irritated and surprised, Shinobu tries to find a way to counter this and succeeds when he uses Saramanda to offer Bahamdia a hit and then vanish in thin air to appear again and so forth. Relying on the stealth and security of the shinobi, Shinobu shows continuous repeats in his strategy, which is something that merely amuses Kira.

While Saramanda is delivering hits and disappearances to its opponent, Mal precisely studies these two Beyblades, seeing the wholesome power that Bahamdia has the potential to unlock. Mal is quite afraid for Shinobu, the new Bey challenges her data to make it impossible in order to deduce what the outcome would be like. Kite, Eight and Ren are as well and continue watching their friend in combat. Kira, deciding that he has had enough to witness the barrages of hits Saramanda is delivering, counters it by using the early strategy of smacking Saramanda with enough force to be escalated into the air. Shocked, Shinobu already comprehends that if he leaves this to continue any further, he will not be able to win. Taking a stance with his force, Shinobu commands Saramanda to stand its ground and use his Special Move that was first conducted against Yoshio in the quarter-finals in the form of a ring of fire. A huge amount of Shinobi Saramandas appear in a circular motion to trap Kira and a blowing wind brings about blazing flames that engulf the Beyblades and enter the trap to cause high winds all around. Despite this, Bahamdia is shown to be at the centre of the BeyStadium in perfect spin as the mist clear, something that alarms Shinobu.

Kira tells Shinobu that the reason why Bahamdia did not receive a Stadium-Out was because of its Spin Track: SP230. SP230, standing for Spike 230 is implemented with rollers on it that prevent any such Stadium-Out to occur; thus destroying yet another one of Shinobu's strategies. In quick response, Kira decides to show Shinobu the true power that Bahamdia holds when the Stadium starts shaking a bit more rapid than usual. Sounds of earthquakes are nearby, rumbling in enormous roars as Gladiator Bahamdia instantly assaults Shinobi Saramanda. Montages of hard-hitting smacks bring Saramanda to great lengths as various pieces of metal are torn off by Bahamdia. Shinobu just cries in fear as he constantly yells "Saramanda!", but its helpless when his own Beyblade is undergoing destruction by Gladiator Bahamdia. Hit after hit, Saramanda is helpless and has no such way of survival when Bahamdia returns to deliver another powerful, ballistic punch that rips even more bits and chips of metal off of Saramanda. Filled with enough fear, Shinobu decides that he has witnessed enough and plans to re-enact Zero's strategy of defeating Sakyo; the bonds that are shared between friends. Immediately, the scorching salamander returns from a potential KO to dive back into the BeyStadium and unleashes another attack that hopefully, shall defeat Bahamdia once and for all.

Trails of blazes follow suit into the Bahamdia but Kira cancels this out as Gladiator Bahamdia SP230GF stands out to reveal who is the true titan. Powerful, gushes of high, intensive winds follow through as they cancel out every flame when simultaneous rumbling roars of quakes are built upon when pieces of rocks come flying out of the ground. The two platforms that the Bladers are standing on becomes shaking intensively, showing complete potential of what Kira is about to unleash next. Without hesitation, Kira in an instant, brings a powerful fist of a darkness-isnpired aura that pounds on the outcome of the battle when the Bahamut stands front-and-center to unleash its Special Move: Gladiator Demolition. A powerful force erupts the Stadium-floor with high, energetic strength that causes disastrous, destructive and disruptive forces of the Zero-G Stadium when a high explosion follows through.

As the mist clears, all is seen but a terrible sight. The Zero-G Stadium, carefully created and built from the ground-up to withstand Zero-G battles is nothing but broken pieces of metal that are shattered on the ground; very reminiscent of Zero and Sakyo's fight. An almighty Gladiator Bahamdia SP230GF is still left in perfect spin-rotation, even after the destruction that it unleashed. Shinobi Saramanda has been severely damaged to a fine degree as well as its owner being thrown back in damage due to the fight. Zero intended to help check if his friend was okay, but was set back due to the humungous explosion.

Kira jumps off the BeyStadium to confront a seriously hurt Shinobu being confronted by his friend, Zero. Kira tells Zero of how he is looking forward to facing him in the finals, and warns Zero of the power that he is about to face with Bahamdia. Zero, just irritated, shows an angered look at Kira, forced to soon face what Shinobu had to in this battle.

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