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Shogun Steel series
ZG042 : The Trap's Riddle
Rago 2 This article is about an episode of the anime that has not yet been aired dubbed into English. As such, its coverage may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.

Entering the Trap
Kanji N/A
Romaji N/A
Episode Number 41 (ZG), 185 (MF)
Arc Dark Nebula Again
Previous Episode The Legend and the Evil Combine
Next Episode The Trap's Riddle
Debut Airdate(s)
Japanese Unaired
English TBA
Theme Music
Opening Zero-G Bey! Go!
Ending Looking Up Smiling (We Go!)
Episode Notes
Featured Bey N/A
Main Character Debuts Unnamed Dark Fortress Guard

Entering the Trap (다크문의 요새, Dakeumunui Yosae; English "Contacting the Dark Fortress") is the 41st (22nd full) episode of the Beyblade: Shogun Steel season and the 185th episode of the Metal Saga. It first aired on June 4, 2013 in South Korea.

This is episode 3 of the 7 lost episodes never aired in Japan.


Heading to defeat the destructive DNA once and for all, Zyro and Co are ready to use all their strength to defeat the Legendary Dark God Pegasis Bahamut, but first they must give it their all and take down many of DNA's greatest troops, including some like the Iron Wall Yoshio, and the Wind Striker Captain Arrow. However, a mysterious Blader suddenly appears and unleashs his wrath upon Zyro and Co, but can they actually defeat this new Blader?

Major Events

  • Zyro and the Gang infiltrate the DNA headquarters.
  • Kite battles an unnamed Dark Fortress Guard and defeats him.



Featured Beybattles


Kite Unabara , Zyro Kurogane , Shinobu Hiryuin, Eight Unabara , Ren Kurenai (Guardian Leviathan 160SB , Samurai Ifrit W145CF, Ninja Salamander SW145SD, Pirate Orochi 145D, Thief Phoenix E230GCF  )  vs Unnamed Fortress Guard (Guardian Garuda AD145DS ) = No Outcome, Zyro, Shinobu, Eight, and Ren left.

Kite Unabara (Guardian Leviathan 160SB ) vs. Unnamed Fortress Guard (Guardian Garuda AD145DS ) = Kite Unabara and Guardian Leviathan 160SB

Special Moves used




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