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Beyblade: Shogun Steel Volume 2 is the second of two volumes released on iTunes containing episodes from the anime series, Beyblade: Shogun Steel. Episodes can be individually purchased for $2.99 or bought together in a package for $30.99. The first volume is Beyblade: Shogun Steel Volume 1.


  • 1. Neo Battle Bladers
  • 2. The Best 8 Decided!
  • 3. Get Pumped For The Finals!
  • 4. A Fated Showdown Between Rivals
  • 5. The Ultimate Emperor of Destruction: Bahamoote
  • 6. A Sprit-Filled Attack!
  • 7. A New Fight
  • 8. The Legend and the Evil Combine
  • 9. Doji's Stronghold
  • 10. The Trap Lying in Wait
  • 11. Roar of the White Tiger
  • 12. The Desperate Dogfight
  • 13. The Bridge to the Future

Official description[]

This new volume of Beyblade finds Zyro and his friends competing in the Neo Battle Bladers tournament. They have some tricky competition from the members of the DNA who are out to cause nothing but trouble for the WBBA. But the Bey Spirit is strong in Zyro so bring it on, DNA! And it is brought. Even after the Neo Battle is won, the DNA go on to disrupt the WBBA world tournament. With the help of Sakyo and Takanosuke, Zyro, Gingka, and Kira escape a rampaging robotized Doji and a new world of Beyblade is formed, where all bladers, WBBA and DNA, compete fairly.

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