Shot Down in Flames (新たなる敵, A New Enemy) is the first episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


After the Beyblade World Tournament, the world champions, the Bladebreakers went their seperate ways. Max went to live and work with his mom in America, Ray goes back to his village in China to teach Beyblading to the kids, Kai's whereabouts are unknown, and Tyson spends his days peacefully... well not really, running away from grandfather's training so that his passion toward Beyblade doesn't cool off, having become best in the world.

Tyson gets off late to school while being scolded by his Grandfather by doing so. While Tyson is on his way to school, Kenny on time as always is telling everyone how the Beyblade World Tournament went. When Tyson gets to school, he acts as if he was there on time, and ends up getting detention for tardiness. He starts pleading so he can leave early for the day because of his participants in a tournament that day. While Tyson is still in school, Kenny goes on ahead and sees Mr. Dickenson at the tournament building and they discuss the new item he developed the Beyblade Battle Analyzer and how it works.

When Tyson arrives, Kenny is seen shocked by how he got there. Hilary on the other hand is infuriated when she finds out Tyson left while she left to get Ms. Kincaid. Tyson wishes Mr. X luck at the start of their battle while he is surprised he showed up. Mr. X makes a quick defeat of Tyson and Tyson and everyone is surprised by the "Most Stunning Upset In History". Mr. X says if Tyson ever wants a rematch he is prepared at any time, while Tyson is still shocked and looks down at his defeated Dragoon.

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