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Unseen and Unleashed (見えない聖獣, The Invisible Holy Beast) is the third episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


Kenny learns that the cloaked blader named Ozuma, who defeated Tyson in an informal, Supermarket-sponsored beybattle, was using an invisible Bit-Beast. Tyson demands a rematch against the strange opponent – and loses for a second time when Dragoon mysteriously fails to appear on command. Effects from the battle-damaged Dizzi, whom Kenny endeavours to repair.

Meanwhile, a group of shady Men in Black have been busy monitoring Tyson and Ozuma the entire time. At school, tensions between Tyson and Hilary continue to rise. Tyson’s turmoil over Dragoon’s behaviour sets him on an increased training regimen. Kenny fixes Dizzi and encounters Hilary en route to his meeting with Tyson to work on the Dragoon problem. Before he can get there, however, two Men in Black confront Kenny and Hilary.

Main Events[]

  • Mr. X reveals his name to be Ozuma.
  • Ozuma defeats Tyson in their rematch.



Featured Beybattles[]


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