Searching For Dragoon (恐るべきIQブレーダー, The Fearsome IQ Blader) is the fourth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


Tyson heads to the park to meet Kenny, who has a plan to get Dragoon back “online”. But when Kenny and Hilary are kidnapped, Tyson is forced to jump through a series of hoops set out by their captors, which tests his speed and determination. After successfully completing their orders, Tyson finds himself on a ship equipped with a fancy computer system – and his friends, locked in a glass-walled cage. But what do the kidnappers want – and how far will they go to get it?

When the mysterious voice challenges Tyson to a battle he accepts – even though the stakes are the highest ones he’s faced yet – the lives of his friends! When Tyson realizes that his opponent is “just” a robot, he’s stoked – this is going to be a piece of cake. But this isn’t just any robot… and these aren’t just any run-of-the-mill Beybladers. The computer can read his every move before he makes it, and Tyson’s only chance is to bring Dragoon back to the battlefield. Being defeated a few times, Gideon gives Tyson one last chance to defeat him and Dragoon finally appears, destroying and defeating the robot. Kenny and Hilary are saved, they and Tyson escape the building. Tyson then wakes up all cheerful that Dragoon is back in action.

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