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The Magtram Threat (脅威のマグトラム, The Menacing Magtram) is the sixth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


Inside Gideon's training center, two of his henchmen discover a talented blader named Snakey and offer to equip his blade with the Magtram. The Magtram is a device that creates a magnetic field around the user's Beyblade and gives an unfair advantage to anyone using it.

Kenny and Hilary are on the lookout for their mysterious captors when Tyson shows up with a new scheme to find Ozuma. Out of nowhere, Snakey shows up and challenges Tyson to a match. Little does Tyson know that Snakey is being used as bait so that Gideon can collect data on Dragoon. Tyson accepts the challenge but it looks like he might lose until Kai appears and offers some much-needed support. Tyson releases Dragoon and after an intense battle, he knocks Snakey's blade out of the stadium and wins the match. Unfortunately, Gideon's henchmen, hiding in the bushes, record the whole event and send it back to Gideon's lair.

Meanwhile, Ozuma and Dunga watch all the action from afar and prepare for their own respective battles with Tyson and Kai.

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  • Kai is the first member to return to the Bladebreakers.