Return of the Bladebreakers! (復活!BBAチーム, Revival! BBA Team) is the eighth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


At long last, Max and Ray rejoin their friends and the Bladebreakers are back together again, and just in time to meet their opponents, Team Psykick.

With one week to train, the Bladebreakers have victory on their brains - especially after Max and Kenny reveal the new technology developed by Max's mom. The MG Core produces a magnetic field similar to the one in the Magtram technology, giving the user optimal control over their Beyblade and increasing the power of the Beyblade.

However, it's not an easy thing to control, and the guys have a rough start. Kenny and Hilary come up with a "back to basics" practice schedule...and after Tyson gets over the insult of re-learning basic turns and moves, they go into training. A week later, the Bladebreakers are ready to take on Team Psykick and board the bus to the battle...but could this strange bus driver have more trouble for the Bladebreakers?

Main Events

  • The Bladebreakers reunite and become a team again in training.
  • Hilary officially joins the team.
  • The MG Core is debuted; this technology is aimed at being a countermeasure against the Magtram, however, mastering proves to be an issue in itself.
  • Driger V makes its debut appearance.
  • The Bladebreakers are ambushed by their bus driver.



Feaured Beybattles


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