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La Isla Bey-Nita!! (密林のバトルスタジアム, A Battle Stadium in the Dense Forest) is the ninth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


The Bladebreakers are on a route to take on Team Psykick in a tournament when the driver fills the bus with sleeping glass. While unconscious, they are quickly whisked away to a deserted island where Doctor B, a scientist under Gideon's employ, is assigned to steal the Bit-Beasts from all four team members with a new Bit-Beast Capturing System. The system waits until a Bit-Beasts released, and then tries to entangle it in an energy field, somewhat reminiscent of a net.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dickenson arrives at the stadium, and is unable to figure out where the teams are. It seems foul-play is in order when there are no records of a battle booked at the stadium, and the coach company sent by Dickenson have no records of such an even, either. Dickenson begins to worry, but is unaware of what he can do. Ozuma and Dunga are seen spying on Mr. Dickenson from around a corner; it seems they known more about what is going on than he or the Bladebreakers do.

The first battle is between Max and Chameleon, one of the players from Team Psykick. It looks bad for Max, but in the end, he calls out Draciel, which not only wins the battle, but also destroys that particular Bit-Beast Capturing System in the process.

The Bladebreakers are left struggling to find a way off the island.

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  • The Episode holds an number of striking similarities with the original fiction Battle Royale, by Koushun Takami. This includes the teenagers gasses on the bus, the island itself and it's abandonment, the exploding zones, the metal tracking-bracelets (which resemble the collars), and even forcing the players to do battle in order to escape.
  • This is Chameleon's second appearance, however it is the first time he is named. He first appears in episode seven, The Reunion Begins.
  • The Episode's english title is a reference to "La Isla Bonita", a latin-pop single by american singer Madonna released on 1987.