The Evil Island of Dr. B (孤島の大決戦, The Grand Finale on the Solitary Island) is the eleventh episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


The Bladebreakers are still trapped on a deserted island and are puppets of the evil Doctor B who's intent is to steal the Bladebreaker's Bit Beasts. But he does make a deal with them that if each member of the Bladebreakers can defeat a member of Team Psykick, he'll release them. Only two haven't fought yet — Tyson and Kai.

Kai's group has run into a blader of Team Psykick named Figel and he challenges Kai to a Beybattle, which Kai easily wins without using his Bit-Beast at all. After the battle, Kai, Kenny, and Hilary resume their quest to the lighthouse to get a clear satellite signal to get help from outside the island.

Finally, they make contact, but not before they return to find Tyson in a battle against another member of Team Psykick named Daryl. This battle won't be easy to win because Tyson has a sprained ankle from a previous accident. But Tyson is determined to take the victory and free everyone from the island. Hilary shows concern for Tyson's well-being, but Kai encourages her to be supportive.

In the end, Tyson pulls off a victory by using his Dragoon and Doctor B's laboratory is blown to bits by his computers overloading. After the dust settles, Mr. Dickenson and Tyson's grandpa arrive in a helicopter to rescue the kids.

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