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Testing One, Two, Three (掟やぶりのベイバトル, A Rule-Breaking Beybattle) is the thirteenth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


Joseph of the Saint Shields infiltrates the Psykick's laboratory and discovers their latest, sinister plan. Gideon and Doctor B are using the data they collected on the Bladebreakers to create Cyber Bit-Beasts based on the ones they use. But the doctor's first test ends in disaster meaning that the Cyber Bit-Beasts aren't quite ready yet.

As for the Bladebreakers, they learn that the group who've been using invisible Bit-Beasts against them, the Saint Shields, are all in the vicinity. With the Psykick's still after them as well, the Bladebreakers hold a full-on practice session to prepare themselves for all potential threats.

During their session, Max is lured away by Mariam, who initiates a battle with him in a nearby forest. When Ray comes looking for Max, he ends up encountering Joseph. Together, the four combatants have a two-on-two Beybattle that's secretly being observed by the other Saint Shields, who are testing them for some unknown reason. The two-on-two match ends with Ray and Max losing decisively as a result of Joseph and Mariam's heightened team play.

By the end of the episode Tyson arrives and challenges Ozuma to a beybattle.

Major Events

  • Ray and Max lose to Joseph and Mariam.



Featured Beybattles




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