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Gideon Raises Gerry (作られた聖獣, The Fabricated Holy Beast) is the fourteenth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


Ray and Max have been confronted by Joseph and Mariam and just as Tyson runs up, Ozuma, the Saint Shields leader, challenges Tyson to a battle. As it rages on, Tyson is forced to call out his Victory Tornado attack in order to win, which he does. After the fight, Ozuma flippantly tells Tyson he needs to improve his Bit Beast technique which stumps Tyson, especially after winning.

Meanwhile, Gideon oversees Doctor B who unveils the first ever Cyber Bit Beast which is the most powerful beast in the world. The cloned power from the sacred Bit Beasts has been compressed into a blade. But first it has to be tested and Gerry, one of the best bladers Team Psykick has to offer, is chosen. His mission is to enter a local tournament and draw out the Cyber Bit Beast in battle to see how it handles.

Oddly enough, the Bladebreakers show up at the tournament just as Gerry calls out his Bit Beast. This is when things go horribly wrong as the beast goes totally out of control and self-destructs, with Gerry losing his mind. This winds uo leaving the Bladebreakers to wonder what Team Psykick is up to.

Major Events[]

  • Tyson beats Ozuma for the first time.
  • The first Cyber Bit Beast, Cyber Dragoon, is revealed.
    • This bit-beast proves to be too unstable and causes the blader to go insane.



Featured Beybattles[]



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