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Show Me The Bit Beasts! (聖獣を見てみたい!, I Want to See a Holy Beast!) is the fifteenth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


Gerry's lack of control lead to an explosive conclusion when his Cyber Bit Beast blew up. The Bladebreakers are at a loss as to how that could happen so Kenny consulted his trusty laptop and made a startling conclusion. Someone had managed to make copies of the Bladebreakers' Bit Beasts. This discovery leads the Bladebreakers to believe that new powerful Bit Beasts are being developed and they decide to get themselves in shape for battle.

The Saint Shields are still eager to test the power of the Bladebreakers' Bit Beasts as well, so they head to the beach where Tyson and the others are training.

Meanwhile, Doctor B is busy experimenting with various versions of a Cyber Bit Beast with mixed results. After many failures he finally succeeds and vows to test the strength of his new creation against the Bladebreakers' Bit Beasts.

Back at the beach, Ray faces-off against Joseph in an intense battle. Just when it looks like Driger is going down, he manages to pull off some impressive moves and wins the match. Everyone is ecstatic, especially Hilary because she's finally able to see Bit Beasts.

The team agrees that their intense training paid off, but they know they will have to face even bigger battles in the future.

Major Events

  • Ray finally defeats Joseph.
  • Hilary sees bit-beasts for the first time.



Featured Beybattles


  • In the English Dub:
    • Hilary punched Tyson was not seen.


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