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Team Psykick's New Recruit (サイバーブレーダーの悲劇, Tragedy of The Cyber Blader) is the sixteenth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


Kai's classmate Wyatt returns and begs Kai to help him train to become a first-class Beyblader. Remembering the time back at school when Wyatt betrayed him by stealing his Dranzer and using it in battle, Kai turns him down. Hurt, Wyatt vows to return and battle Kai one day.

Meanwhile, Dr. B and his team of scientists have finally re-developed the Cyber Bit-Beasts and they are looking for bladers with the skill to handle them. Dr. B approaches Wyatt with an offer to join Team Psykick, and Wyatt jumps at the chance.

When his training is completed, Wyatt is sent to battle none other than Kai, with the hopes of capturing his Bit-Beast using his newly acquired Cyber Dranzer and to finally gain Kai's respect. Despite warnings from Ozuma, the Bladebreakers are ready for a fight but Dunga jumps in and takes Kai's place wanting to prove his strength. Amazingly, Cyber Dranzer wins over Dunga's Vortex Ape with ease, but leaves Wyatt weak from the fight because he was not able to control it.

The scientists are pleased with the Cyber Bit-Beast's performance, but drop Wyatt from the team because of his failure to control his own and take away his Cyber Dranzer.

Major Events

  • Wyatt becomes a member of Team Psykick and gains Cyber Dranzer (Test Version).
  • Wyatt battles Dunga and wins.
  • Wyatt goes insane from the power of his Beyblade (in the original version, he dies).



Featured Beybattles


  • Wyatt's death is omitted from the English dub, and it is instead implied that he went insane.


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