When Friend's Become Foes (再会のケイン, The Reunion with Kane) is the eighteenth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


Kane, Goki, Jim, and Salima arrive at Doctor B's lab to begin battle tests for Gideon. Jim goes first after being given his new Beyblade, Cyber Draciel. He battles against a lopsided number of automated Beyblades, including one behemoth the size of a football. But with Cyber Draciel in tow, victory is decisive. It's obvious however, that the Cyber Bit-Beast's power is having a corrupting influence on Jim.

At Mr. Dickenson's office, the BladeBreakers are blackmailed into a future battle against the Psykick’s when Doctor B threatens an all-out assault on the city by the Cyber Bit-Beasts. When Tyson hears that his new friend Kane has joined the Psykick’s, he refuses to believe it without concrete proof.

Together with Kenny, Hilary, Ray and Max, Tyson sneaks into Doctor B's lab. There, his worst fears are confirmed. Kane has indeed been recruited by the sinister Psykick’s, who are after the Bladebreakers' Bit-Beasts. Having noticed the negative effect of the Cyber Bit-Beasts on their users, Kane, Goki and Salima are wary about using them. Kane refuses Doctor B's offer to have his own Cyber Bit-Beast, insisting that his upcoming battle with Tyson be on even terms. As for the BladeBreakers, they nearly get apprehended when they're spotted in the lab, but Kai's timely arrival saves their skins.

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