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The Bigger The Cyber Driger... The Harder It Falls (約束のバトルフィールド, The Battlefield Promise) is the twenty-third episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


A confused and heartbroken Ray must face Salima in a dangerous Beybattle. Despite the threat of losing his Bit-Beast forever, Ray hesitates, baffled by the extreme change in Salima's personality. It wasn't long ago that she told Ray of the troubling danger of the Cyber Bit-Beast of the Psykick's and now, it looks like she's in the same state as Goki, Kane and Jim. She's under the influence of her Cyber Bit-Beast. But Ray still refuses to fight until some of Kai's, rare but very effective, words of encouragement convince Ray to fight.

Even in the face of Team Psykick's cheating, Ray refuses to back down. He fights valiantly and defeats Salima and frees her from Cyber Driger's control.

Major Events

  • Ray battles Salima twice; the first one ending in a draw, and the second one which he wins, freeing her from Cyber Driger's control.



Featured Beybattles



  • When Tyson launches Dragoon V at the hologram of Doctor B, he is using the V-Force Launcher, but then is shown using the Dragoon Shooter (which was replaced in Episode 12.