Ghost in the Machine (霧の中の幻, Phantom in the Mist) is the twenty-fourth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


Thanks to Ray's spectacular victory over Salima, the Bladebreakers reach the fourth level of Gideon's Battle Tower and meet their next opponent, Goki. As Kai steps forward to battle him, Gideon and Doctor B prepare a special surprise for the team. Using the information gathered from the previous two Beybattles, Doctor B has programmed Driger and Draciel's attack patterns into Goki's Beyblade.

Meanwhile, the Saint Shields continue to explore the Psykick's headquarters in an attempt to find Max's captured Draciel. But Dunga's impatience sets off the alarms, alerting Gideon to their presence.

Kai fights with great power but soon loses his focus, helping Goki to take control of the battle. After the battle ends in a tie, Kai reveals that he thinks he's facing Wyatt in the match, and can't fight him because he feels what happened to him was his fault. His teammates try to convince him otherwise but they fail to do so.

The battle starts with Goki taking an early lead thanks to Kai's lack of concentration. Tyson tells Kai to snap out of it and with a little concentration he is able to do so. Kai and Dranzer fight bravely but still get backed into a corner. but when Goki mocks Wyatt he goes too far. This makes Kai angry and he destroys Goki's Cyber Dranzer with a single special move, his Flame Sabre.

Thanks to the help of his friends, Kai finally lays his guilt to rest.

Major Events

  • Kai battles Goki twice; the first one ends in a draw, and the second one, he wins.



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