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Building the Perfect Beast! (暴走タワーの最期, The End of the Rampaged Tower) is the twenty-seventh episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


Ozuma reaches the fifth floor and finds Tyson and Kane carrying on with their furious battle, with Cyber Dragoon growing stronger and damaging the building.

Kane's losing control of his Cyber Dragoon and his mind as his energy is being drained by his Bit Beast. As Cyber Dragoon grows, it looks more and more like Tyson is about to lose, when Kai tells him the only way to get rid of the Cyber bit-beast is for Tyson to destroy it. Tyson musters up all his power and in one fell swoop, Dragoon destroys its doppelganger and Zagart is shown moving away from the video screen he was using to watch the battles. However, Cyber Dragoon's power has compromised the building's structure, and it begins to collapse. An insane Doctor B tries to have the whole building destroyed at once, but Gideon stops him, forcing him towards a damaged computer in the process. Doctor B is subsequently electrocuted and hit by fallen debris, (though the English dub and the versions based on it only show the falling debris).

The Bladebreakers, Kane and Salima are soon joined by Goki, Jim and Kenny, but Max realizes his Draciel is still being held captive in the lab. Max races back inside followed closely by Tyson. Once inside the lab, they meet up with Ozuma and his gang who had just set Draciel free and Max orders it to return to his beyblade, which it does. Everyone manages to leave the building in safety. Just when they try to thank Ozuma for all the support, the Saint Shields reveal they have never been on the same side and Ozuma says that "the day is coming when the Bladebreakers' bit-beasts will be theirs". Before they can understand what's going on, Kane and his friends thank them for the help and leave.

Major Events

  • Tyson wins his battle against Kane.
  • The Bladebreakers, Kane, Salima, Goki, and Jim, as well as the Saint Shields escape the Battle Tower.
  • Draciel returns to Max.
  • Gideon and Doctor B are defeated and killed.
  • Kane's group is no longer part of Team Psykick.



Featured Beybattles


Hilary consoling Salima in Place of Ray

Hilary and Salima in the background

  • When they show Kane hurt by Cyber Dragoon's energy waves and transferring his own power to the Bit Beast, about 5 minutes 20 seconds into the episode, Hilary is shown in the background with Salima, not Ray.
  • In the Japanese version, Gideon and Dr. B die in this episode, but it is not seen in the English dub, although it is implied.
    • Doctor B being electrocuted was cut


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