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Bad Seed in The Big Apple (マックス 友の叫び, Max, a Cry to a Friend) is the twenty-ninth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


The Bladebreakers discuss the stealing of the rock and Alan's involvement.

Meanwhile, he is seen in a warehouse receiving a new Beyblade with a piece of the rock from a mysterious blond woman. She leaves the warehouse only to be chased by the police, which she easily evades.

The tournament mentioned by Alan in the previous episode is about to take place and Max's first opponent turns out to be Alan. Alan tells Max that if Max wins, he'll explain why he agreed to be part of the plot to steal the rock. The battle is heated and Max is determined to win. After one draw and several close calls, Max finally wins with his new Draciel Viper built by his father.

In the end, Alan explains that he was approached by the blond woman (who is shown at the airport taking a wig off, revealing her true black hair, and taking off with the rock) who convinced him if he stole the rock she would give him a new, more powerful Beyblade. He then walks away with a police inspector.

Major Events

  • Max is given Draciel V.
  • Max defeats Alan in battle.
  • The person behind the bit-beast rock heist is revealed.



Featured Beybattles

  • Max Tate (Draciel V) vs Alan (Impluse) = Draw
  • Max Tate (Draciel V) vs Alan (Impluse) = Max & Draciel



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