Attack of The Rock Bit Beast (石版聖獣襲撃!, The Slate Beast's Attack) is the thirty-fist episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


Mr. Dickenson and Max's Mom show up at Tyson's dojo empty-handed. Dr. Zagart and the mysterious rock have vanished without a trace. Knowing Dr. Zagart is the key to finding the missing rock, the Bladebreakers decide to launch their own search. One problem, they have no idea where to start looking.

Meanwhile Dr. Zagart and Dr. K have designed a new powerful Blade using the rock, and they've chosen a Blader named Foxy to challenge the Bladebreakers. Zeo takes Tyson for a visit at the Beyblade gym where he trains. Tyson then decides to take Zeo over to his dojo and meet the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, Foxy breaks into Tyson's house, destroys some of the kendo swords, and attacks Ray, Hilary and Kenny. Ray challenges him and they fight in a local park where Kai joins the audience. Foxy's rock powered Blade nearly destroys Ray's Blade but Tyson shows up in the nick of time and coaches Ray to victory. With the battle's conclusion, Wildfox's bit-chip shatters.

The Bladebreakers congratulate Ray on his victory, but the Saint Shields also witnessed the battle and discuss the new kind of rock bit-beasts that are now appearing.

Major Events

  • Zeo is introduced to Kai, Ray, and Max.
  • Dr. K begins to use the rock she had Alan steal to provide Beyblades with bit-beasts.
  • Ray battles against the first Team Zagart Blader, Foxy, and wins.



Featured Beybattles

  • Ray Kon (Driger V) vs Foxy (Wildfox 2) = Ray & Driger



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