Lots Of Questions... Few Answers (忘れかけた魂, Forgotten Spirit) is the thirty-second episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


The Bladebreakers try to figure out who or what was behind his attack, and how it all tied into the mysterious rock. Kenny finds out that the bit-beast used against Driger was certainly extracted from the rock.

Meanwhile, Tyson reaches a breaking point, discouraged and upset by the constant attempts of fanatic groups trying to steal the sacred bit-beasts. His anxiety goes overboard when he coaxes Kenny to create a wacky training platform for the team to practice with. He takes his jaded attitude out on Zeo, who simply wants to spar with one of the greats.

At the Psykick's facilities, tension grows between Zagart and Doctor K. While the former wants deeper studies to better understand the rock and why Foxy was defeated, the latter prefers to keep extracting bit-beasts from it. Zagart ultimately orders Doctor K to follow his orders and she ends up instructing her assistant to secretly carry on with her persona project.

Tyson starts training Zeo and coaches him so he can pass his Beyblading exam. Meanwhile, the Saint Shields' frustration level grows, as Ozuma decides that it is time for them to start stealing the four bit-beasts.

Major Events

  • Tyson begins coaching Zeo.
  • The Saint Shields start their mission.



Featured Beybattles

  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon V2) vs Zeo Zagart (Zeronix) = Tyson & Dragoon
  • Tyson Granger (Dragoon V2) vs Zeo Zagart (Zeronix) = Draw
  • Zeo Zagart (Zeronix) vs Anonymous Beyblader = Zeo & Zeronix



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