Friends and Enemies (マックスとマリアム, Max and Mariam) is the thirty-sixth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


Goaded by Dunga, Mariam goes off to capture Max's Draciel and finds him training by the river. Before she can challenge him, Dennis, the new Psykick recruit, tries to defeat Max. Using his new Bit Finder, Kenny measures Dennis' Bit-Beast Tyranno's strength and is surprised when Dennis backs out of the battle before using its full power.

Unaware that Mariam is following him, Max runs off in pursuit of Dennis and finds himself deep in the bowels of a mysterious building. He is ambushed by Dennis - who is now backed up by Dr. K and her Technicians. Mariam lies in wait, planning on taking Draciel once Tyranno weakens him. But when she discovers that Dr. K is using Power Injection to make Tyranno even stronger mid-fight, Mariam launches Sharkrash and destroys the machinery. The systems overload and explode, compromising the building's structure. Max thanks Mariam for helping him, but she makes it clear that she was just making sure no one other than her captured Draciel.

Despite the tension, both team up to find a way out of the building. Mariam acts cold towards Max until he saves her from falling down a hole that suddenly opened just before their feet. Max is hurt in the process but Mariam helps him treat his bruise. Max feels she is ultimately a nice person, but she insists they're enemies.

When they finally find an exit, they realize they must use their beyblades to make a bigger opening. They join forces to open a hole in the wall, but Mariam reminds him once again that they are enemies and leaves.

Major Events

  • Team Zagart's Dennis faces Max in battle.
  • Max rescues Mariam from danger, prompting her to become torn about the Saint Shields's mission.



Featured Beybattles

  • Max Tate (Draciel V) vs Dennis (Tyranno) = Max & Draciel



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