The Calm Before The Storm (波乱の世界戦前夜, A Night Of Trouble Before The World Battle) is the forty-fourth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


After disappearing thirty years ago, Zagart confronts Mr. Dickenson in his room, forcing him to enter Zeo and Gordo in the World Championship preliminaries.

Tyson, Max, Hilary and Kenny arrive and finally meet their enemy. He reveals to them that Zeo is his son and that he won't show mercy when he confronts the Bladebreakers in the tournament. The Bladebreakers try to attend Zeo's match so they can find out what's happened to him but arrive at the arena too late - they are informed that Zeo and Gordo advanced in a matter of minutes, ending most of their matches with only one hit.

Meanwhile, Dr. K works with King and Queen to improve their powers so they can get the four sacred bit-beasts for her.

At the World Championship's opening night gala, the Bladebreakers meet Kane and Jim, King and Queen, and the Saint Shields, who have also advanced to the finals. The final pairings are announced: Zeo and Gordo (absent from the event) vs. Ozuma and Dunga; Kai and Ray vs. Sanchez and Marcos, the Central American champions; Joseph and Mariam vs. King and Queen; and Kane and Jim vs. Tyson and Max.

As Mr. Dickenson delivers his speech, King and Queen interrupt him and say they don't care about beyblading, just about Tyson and his teammates and that the rest of the competitors are irrelevant. This enrages Dunga and he starts a no-rules Beyblade match against King in the middle of the crowd. They take the match outside but the Bladebreakers manage to stop the duel.

Zeo and Gordo are shown at the building looking down on the other finalists.

Major Events

  • Dr. Zagart and Mr. Dickenson cross paths again.
  • Zeo and Gordo become a registered tag team for the Championships.
  • The Saint Shields are competing in the World Championships.
  • The Central American Beyblade Champions: Sanchez and Marcos are the last tag team revealed for the Championships.



Featured Beybattles

  • Zeo Zagart (Burning Kerberous) vs Gordo (Orthros) = No Outcome
  • Dunga (Vortex Ape 2) vs King (Ariel) = No Outcome



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