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Zeo VS. Ozuma (ゼオVSオズマ, Zeo VS Ozuma) is the forty-fifth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


The Beyblade World Championship Finals are underway and the eight pairs are introduced (with King and Queen being heavily booed).

In this final part, each team member fight one sudden death match. Teams with two wins advance to the next round. If there is one win and one loss for each competing team, then the winners of each match will face each other in a tiebreaker.

Tyson tries to talk to Zeo before his match begins, but Gordo pushes him against the wall. Zeo eventually emerges from his room and agrees to talk. Tyson asks Zeo to explain his actions to him and says they are "friends" but Zeo rejects this and makes it clear once again that now they are enemies. Ozuma, who overheard the conversation, confronts Tyson and says if he's not capable of realizing that Zeo is now his enemy, he will seal Dragoon right away to protect it. Tyson understands and heads for the stands to watch them fight.

Once the competition begins, Zeo's team mate Gordo makes short work of Dunga. Then it's Zeo turn. After a very intense battle, with Zeo motivated by his need to capture the four bit-beasts and Ozuma motivated by his mission of protecting them, Zeo seems unable to overcome Ozuma's power, but when he reminds of his father telling him of a still-unrevealed secret, he summons up his power and calls upon Cerberus, which surprises everyone. At this point, Kenny's laptop malfunctions due to some interference. Ozuma brings Flash Leopard out and gives everything he's got, setting his Beyblade on fire, but loses anyway.

Major Events[]

  • Tyson confronts Zeo about his sudden betrayal, but is ignored.
  • Gordo and Zeo defeat Dunga and Ozuma with ease.



Featured Beybattles[]

  • Dunga (Vortex Ape 2) vs Gordo (Blizzard Orthrus) = Gordo & Blizzard Orthrus
  • Ozuma (Flash Leopard 2) vs Zeo Zagart (Burning Kerberous) = Zeo & Burning Kerberous


  • The part where Gordo pushes Tyson against the wall is not shown in the English dub.
    • Another part that was not shown in the English dub was Ozuma setting his Beyblade on fire.


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