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Phoenix Falling (激震のバトルノイズ, Severe Earthquake Battle Noise) is the forty-eighth episode of Beyblade: V-Force.


As the Bladebreakers prepare for the next round, Kai tells Tyson that he'll beat Zeo so they can have their long-awaited battle in the finals.

The second semi-final round begins pitting Kai and Ray against Zeo and Gordo.

Ray faces Gordo first and attacks fiercely but Blizzard Orthrus always seems to evade Driger's attacks. Zagart has programmed all of the Bladebreakers moves into Zeo and Gordo's Beyblades, making them unbeatable. Soon, Driger is almost out of power and Gordo seizes his chance. But when Kai reminds Ray of the pain he felt losing Driger to Dunga, Ray taps into his Blader spirit and helps Driger salvage a tie.

Victory now rests on Kai's shoulders. Kai and Zeo begin a fierce battle, taking the fight to the stands and the video screen and unleashing so much power that the stadium begins to take damage. Kai gains more power when he remembers that he needs to face Tyson soon enough. The duel becomes a question of whose endurance is greater. As the effects of one final, powerful blast subside, Kai falls to Zeo and witnesses Dranzer being taken away by Cerberus.

Zeo and Gordo advance to the finals where they are expected to face Tyson and Max.

Major Events[]

  • Gordo ties against Ray.
  • Zeo defeats Kai and takes away Dranzer.
  • Zeo and Gordo advance to the finals against Tyson and Max.



Featured Beybattles[]

  • Zeo Zagart (Burning Kerberous) vs Gordo (Blizzard Orthrus) = Draw (Practice battle)
  • Ray Kon (Driger V2) vs Gordo (Blizzard Orthrus) = Draw
  • Kai Hiwatari (Dranzer V2) vs Zeo Zagart (Burning Kerberous) = Zeo & Burning Kerberous


  • In the Japanese version:
    • Cerberus bites Dranzer.
    • Kai sets his Beyblade on fire.
  • Kai loses Dranzer the second time in the original series.


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