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Draciel of Approval (激突! マックスVSカイ, Clash! Max VS Kai) is the fifth episode of Beyblade: 2000.


The semi-final matches are announced, with Kai versus Max and Tyson versus Ray.

The arena is revealed to be a saucer bowl. The way to win in this arena is by being atop the tower for 10 consecutive seconds.This is a best out of three.

In round one, Kai easily defeats Max and takes him out with a single attack from above. In round two, Max launches his Bey in reverse, preventing Kai from using that attack. Kai, however, still attacks. Dranzer lands atop the Generic Bey, and eventually sleeps out. The Generic Bey however cannot take it and its bit-chip breaks sending it into a frenzy. It goes flying and hits Max, destroying the pendant his father gave him earlier. Inside the pendant was the Draciel bit-chip. Max has no other choice but to continue on.

In the final round, both Beys stand there for 10 consecutive seconds, making them go into overtime. They continue to fight, with neither giving up, as Draciel appears. Draciel sends Dranzer into the air. As Dranzer goes down, the Dranzer Bit-Beast appears. Both Bit-Beasts collide, but in the end, Dranzer wins, eliminating Max. But Max is proud to own Draciel, the Bit-Beast.

Later on at night, we see that Max, Tyson, and Kenny are relaxing in an old style hot tub. They hear noises in the woods nearby. They see Ray and his Bey practicing.

Major Events[]

  • Ray wins in the preliminary rounds and moves on to the semi-finals to face Tyson.
  • Max receives the Draciel bit-chip and gains the power of his bit-beast.
  • Kai defeats Max and moves on to the finals.
  • Kai reveals a new special move; Fire Arrow.



Featured Beybattles[]



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English Language Adaptation[]

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The following are some of the changes made to this episode in the English language adaptation of the series originally in Japanese.

  • In the English version, the original Japanese D group was replaced in the previous episode, but, on this episode, letter D marks are seen appearing around the stadium used.
  • Only in the English version does Kenny say that Ray has never been defeated, unlike in the Japanese version, where he wonders about Rei's (Ray's) identity.
  • In the English version, Max doesn't promise Tyson to face him in the final match, unlike in the Japanese version, where the promise is a key point throughout the episode.
  • In the English version, Max's pendant was a gift from his grandmother rather than from his mother as in the Japanese version. This difference is inserted in the larger story change of the adaptation.
  • Bit-beasts are recognized in the English version, but, in the original Japanese, version they are a mystery that the protagonists gradually uncover.
  • At the end of the episode, during the hot bath, in the original Japanese version, the protagonists are curiously discovering bit-beasts. Shocked, Max questions "What? A mysterious power sealed inside the bit?" Kyoujyu (Kenny) answers "Indeed. You saw it too, Max. I think that was an unknown source of tremendous energy taking physical form. But I'm still in the middle of analyzing it so I don't know the details." Max wonders "A mysterious power..." "Well, I know it sounds hard to believe at first" added Kyoujyu (Kenny). Max begins to laugh, Kyoujyu questions "Max?" and he springs joyfully out of the water to conclude "A Beyblade possessing mysterious power! Very wonderful!" In the English adaptation, the story is another. Kenny is heard saying "I have to admit, this was an inspired idea, Tyson" and "What better way to blow our steam than to take a steam bath?" Tyson asks. Max then interrupts: "Wah! I think a fish just bite me!" Kenny tells him "Oh, I find that highly unlikely. Even if there was a type of fish that could survive the temperature of hot springs, the chances of it attacking you unprovoked are astronomically small." Max confirms "I see, [inaudible]..." Kenny adds "Unless, of course, it's a deadly hot water eel." Max begins to laugh and he bounces joyfully in the water, exclaiming "Yahoo!" He then asks "Can you believe I have my own bit-beast now? It's so cool!" Max's repurposed water jump is here motivated by completely different reasons.
  • The exposed buttocks at the end of the Japanese version aren't seen in the English version, cutting out the nudity.


  • When Dragoon glows in response to Draciel's bit-chip, Dragoon's Attack Ring is incorrectly drawn with the contact points facing right rather than left.
Beyblade's episode 5 Dragoon depiction error

Dragoon's Attack Ring incorrectly drawn facing clockwise, shown on the top picture, instead of counter-clockwise as seen later on the episode, shown on the bottom picture