Bladin' in the Streets (結成! BBAチーム、世界へ, Formation! BBA Team to the World) is the eighth episode of Beyblade: 2000.


As Tyson, Kai, Max, Kenny, and Ray fly to Hong Kong to prepare for the Asian Tournament, Kai "quits" the team and walks into the streets.

As the others search for Kai, a mysterious blader has his eye on the team, particularly Ray.

The rest of the team try to follow him and fail when they hear a Bey spinning, and find the back-alley Blader named Bruce challenging them to a battle. Tyson battles Bruce and manages to just defeat him, when another Beyblade, which belongs to Kevin, knocks Dragoon out of the stadium and nearly hits Ray, but Kai reappears and knocks Dragoon out of the former's way.

The episode ends with Kevin introducing himself to the team.

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