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Adios Bladebreakers! (さらばBBΑチーム!, Goodbye, BBA Team!) is the twelfth episode of the Beyblade: 2000.


Ray leaves the Bladebreakers and journeys into the mountains to try and get back Driger. Mariah finds him, beats him in battle, confronts him about his stupidity and asks him to come back to the White Tigers.

The other Bladebreakers discover that Ray has gone, and Tyson and Max venture off into the mountains. Ray nearly goes back to the White Tigers when Tyson and Max find him.

Tyson challenges him to a battle, and if Ray wins he can do whatever he wants. Tyson, however, loses to Ray. When Ray discovers the Bladebreakers wanted him back without a Bit-Beast, Ray returns to the Bladebreakers.


Ray feels that now that he doesn't have his Bit Beast any more, he isn't good enough to be on the Bladebreakers. He goes to the mountains to find it again, but instead he finds Mariah. She reminds him of all the good times he had on the White Tiger team, and also how he won in the past without his Bit Beast, which makes him reconsider joining them again, but then Max and Tyson find them. Tyson wants Ray to stay on the Bladebreakers, but Ray isn't sure. Tyson challenges Ray to a match. If Tyson wins, Ray has to come back to the Bladebreakers, but, if Ray wins, he can go to whatever team he wants. Tyson puts up a good fight, but still loses. Ray decides to still stay on the Bladebreakers, seeing how they need his help more than the White Tigers do.

Major Events[]

  • Ray temporarily leaves the Bladebreakers to track down Driger in the mountains, but is ambushed and defeated by Mariah.
  • Mariah almost convinces Ray to return to the White Tigers, but Tyson and Max arrive to bring Ray back.
  • Tyson and Ray battle, with Ray winning and deciding to remain with the Bladebreakers.



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