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My Enemy, My Friend (白虎VS山猫, White Tiger vs. Mountain Cat) is the sixteenth episode of the Beyblade: 2000.


During the finals of the Asian Tournament, Ray faces off against his old teammate, former friend Mariah.

When Galux and Driger team up to show the pair a glimpse of the happiness they shared in the past, Ray and Mariah come to realize how much they have lost, by being rivals.

Before winning the match, Ray makes a promise to Mariah: regardless of what happens, they should stay friends.


It's Ray's turn to go up against his old teammates! He faces Mariah, but Kai wonders if he'll be able to do it. Tyson and Max tell Kai that they're sure that he won't disappoint them.

The first round begins and the battle is intense a little at first, but everyone figures out that Ray isn't paying attention that much and, within a few seconds, Mariah goes for the win. Everyone is left feeling disappointed with the battle. Kai tells Ray to wake up and accept facing his old teammate.

The second round begins and Mariah tells Ray to actually try this time. Ray does and defeats Mariah. The score is tied with 1 a piece. The final round begins, the action is intense and the fans are finally happy. Driger and Galux go at it and meet each other.

Mariah and Ray both admit that they're finally having fun again. They won't care over who wins. However, in the end, Ray is still spinning, after Mariah comes to a stop. Ray is declared the winner.

After the encounter, it's 1 for the White Tigers and 1 for the Bladebreakers. The time has then come for the final match of Tyson vs. Lee!

Major Events[]

  • Ray battles Mariah and wins two out of three matches.
  • Ray comes to terms with Mariah through a sentimental and meaningful match against each other.



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