A Star is Born (負けるな! 小さなブレーダー, Don't Lose! Small Blader) is the eighteenth episode of the Beyblade: 2000.


Fresh from the Bladebreakers' win in Asia, Tyson comes home and realizes he's front page news. With his ego out of control, Tyson takes on the attitude of a rock star, which upsets Kenny who tries to keep him focused on blading and not his popularity.

Meanwhile, at a local playground, the local kids are all out Beyblading when Tyson spots a kid named Nicky, being smoked in the BeyStadium by a bully named Riley. After Nicky's Bey is completely destroyed, Tyson vows to help the kid fix it and fight his way back.

After enlisting the help of Max, Kenny and Dizzi, Tyson manages to rebuild Nicky's Bey and they return to the playground where they find Riley and immediately demand a rematch. Needless to say, with the knowledge of the Bladebreakers backing Nicky, he quickly takes care of Riley, who learns a harsh, but vital life lesson on being a bully through Beyblading.

Meanwhile, in a conspiratorial meeting at Kai's grandfather's mansion, he spells out Kai's next assignment. As Voltaire completes his briefing, Kai silently walks away, promising to fulfill his order. Though, Kai will do it for himself.

Major Events



Featured Beybattles

  • Andrew (Generic Bey) vs. Billy (Star Stinger) = Andrew and Generic Bey
  • Nicky (Generic Bey) vs. Riley (Generic Bey) = Riley and Generic Bey
  • Nicky (Generic Bey) vs. Riley (Generic Bey) = Nicky and Generic Bey


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