Viva Las Vegas (アメリカンヒーロー マイケルの力!, American Hero Michael's Power!) is the twenty-fourth episode of Beyblade: 2000 .


The Bladebreakers have advanced to the second round of the American Tournament where they square off against the Savage Slammers. The winner of this round advances to the semi-finals.

Their competition first appears to be a bunch of slackers, but when Ray loses in the first round, they quickly realize what they're up against. Max is next, and for some odd reason, his rival folds under pressure, so the best of three is tied at one a piece with Tyson coming in for the deciding battle. At first it looks like a quick win for the Slammers simply because of the size of Tyson's opponent's enormous Beyblade and things get even more tense when Tyson begins to lose his temper and his focus. The other Bladebreakers convince him to concentrate and when he does, Tyson pulls out a victory.

Next, our heroes decide to check out the American team, who are competing in another stadium. That's where they get their first taste of the ultra-inflated ego of the All Starz's captain, Michael.

Major Events



Featured Beybattles

Bladebreakers vs. Savage Slammers

All Starz vs. Down Under Thunder

  • Michael Summers (Trygle) vs. Pee Wee (Generic Bey) = Michael and Trygle


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