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My Way or the Highway (準決勝、超高速サーキット!, Semi-final, Super High-speed Circuit!) is the twenty-fifth episode of Beyblade: 2000 .


It's the Bladebreakers versus Spintensity in the semi-finals of the American Tournament, but before the match can begin, Tyson is forced to withdraw with a stomachache which he got from too much celebratory eating.

Max, Ray and Kai must drag race their crafty foes through the whirlwind, highway-themed dish called the New Jersey Turnpike.


The episode starts with the Bladebreakers celebrating their victory to semi-finals of the American Tournament in the restaurant. As they celebrate, Tyson rushed to the buffet table, Kenny comments how impatient Tyson was, Max tells that he always like that. Suddenly, Kenny and Max start making a shocked funny face, Ray asks them what's going on and looked at Tyson by himself, he was shocked that Tyson was eating like a pig.

The following day, Tyson has a stomachache from last night's buffet binge, so Kai fills in for him in their next match. The Bladebreakers are revealed to be facing Mario's team Spintensity, and they defeat every one of them.

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Bladebreakers vs. Spintensity[]


  • "I'm no expert at table manners, but something tells me that's not how your supposed to eat in a fancy restaurant! Unbelievable!" - Ray
  • Frankie:"So who's the tough one now ?"
    Ray: "You Are looking at him!"