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The Battle of America (灼熱のスコーピオン!!, The Hot, Scorching Scorpion!!) is the twenty-seventh episode of Beyblade: 2000 .


It's the finals of the American Tournament and the Bladebreakers are going head to head with the All Starz with the winner going to the World Championships.

In the first round, Tyson is pitted against Steve and at first things don't appear to be going Tyson's way. But with sheer determination, Tyson pulls out a victory that puts the Bladebreakers ahead one to nothing in the best of three finals.

The second round isn't quite as easy as Ray squares off against the NBA wanna-be Eddy, whose blazing fast basketball style attack quickly knocks him out and evens the score at two a piece.

It looks like the All Starz are shoo-ins to win because of their superior ability to collect data on their opponents. Now the stage is set for the final battle, but the question is, who from the Bladebreakers will take on the All Starz's number one player Michael? Kai or Max?

In the end, it's Max who gets the nod.

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