Play it Again, Dizzi! (BBΑ 熱き戦いの軌跡!!, BBA: What's Left After the Heated Battle!!) is the twenty-ninth episode of Beyblade: 2000.


After narrowly defeating the All Starz at the American Tournament, Kenny decides he should record a database of the high and low points of the Bladebreakers since the very beginning.

In fact, through a series of flashbacks, the Chief along with Dizzi, take a trip down memory lane as far back to the first time he ever met Tyson. With clips from various shows, Kenny narrates the progress of his friends who eventually form the Bladebreakers and go on to the Asian Tournament.

After watching the progress of his team, evaluating individual battles to eventually winning the American Tournament, Kenny concludes that they really have come a long way in a very short time.

And just when he thinks they've reached the pinnacle of their success, Max, Tyson and Ray show up to take Kenny to meet the ship that's about to take them to the World Championships in Russia!

Major Events

  • Kenny searches through all of Dizzi's memory banks to study the Bladebreakers' battling capabilities and progress through the World Championships.
  • The Bladebreakers depart America and begin their voyage to Russia.



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