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Cruising for a Bruising (聖獣を従える者, The One Who Follows the Holy Beast) is the thirtieth episode of Beyblade: 2000.


The Bladebreakers travel by boat across the Atlantic, where Kenny discovers he suffers from seasickness. Meanwhile, he wants the Bladebreakers to evolve - however, they don't have any good opponents around and there's no use in battling each other since there will be no surprises. They then proceed to do some training.

Meanwhile, an arrogant unknown Beyblader at the ship's cargo depot is challenged by some amateur players. He destroys every Beyblade used against him, and Tyson arrives in time to see him breaking one last Beyblade in two with just one hit. Tyson challenges him and releases Dragoon to make it clear he's no amateur. However, his opponent reveals his own bit beast, the much larger Griffolyon, and easily throws Tyson's Beyblade out of the stadium.

He then introduces himself as Robert and the Bladebreakers realize not all good Beybladers are taking part of the World Championships and the defeat exposes the team's vulnerability going into the Russian Tournament.

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