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London Calling (ヨーロッパ、波乱の旅立ち, Europe, a Disturbing Departure) is the thirty-first episode of Beyblade: 2000.


The Bladebreakers are tricked by mysterious man into missing their boat, forcing them to spend the night in London where a mysterious videotape of Tyson's father is delivered to them at the BBA office. The footage involves Mr. Granger explaining all of his archaeological research on bit-beasts, including reports on evil ones.

Later, Tyson's Beyblade is stolen and the Bladebreakers are lured into a fight with the evil Cenotaph and his powerful Bit-Beast, Sarcopholon.

All seems lost until Kai defeats the mummy by using his own strengths against him and Tyson gets his Dragoon back. The team agrees to travel by land, learning from every European blader they can find before making it to Russia for the finals.

Major Events[]

  • The Bladebreakers arrive in England and become stranded there after their ship leaves without them.
  • Robert Jürgens is revealed to be the regional Beyblade champion of Europe.
  • The Bladebreakers encounter Cenotaph of the Dark Bladers and battle him to no outcome.



Featured Beybattles[]