Last Tangle in Paris (黒い影の軍団, The Black Shadow Corps) is the thirty-third episode of Beyblade: 2000.


At night, Kenny is shown having nightmares about the Dark Bladers while Kai secretly looks on.

As the Bladebreakers make their way to the World Championships in Russia, they are stuck in Paris where they end up wasting a day looking for Kai who had mysteriously disappeared. Tyson comes up with the idea of using the Eiffel Tower as a vantage point to speed up their search.

Ray, Kenny, Tyson and Max make their way to the observation deck of the tower where they are again confronted by the Dark Bladers, who have vowed to steal the Bladebreakers Bit Beasts as part of their ultimate plan to capture all Bit Beasts in the world. They soon learn that the Dark Bladers set their goal when they were badly beaten years ago. After refusing once again to hand over their bit-beasts, a massive battle ensues but the odds are against the Bladebreakers.

Finally, Kai shows up with his newly modified Dranzer and, as an unknown kid watches from behind a corner, almost single-handedly wins the battle. The Dark Bladers fade away after their loss. The unknown kid appears to the Bladebreakers and introduces himself as Oliver. Raised in Paris, he tells the Bladebreakers they did good, but they could do more with the power of their Bit Beasts. He then walks away. 

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