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Art Attack (華麗なる聖獣使い, The Gorgeous Holy Beast) is the thirty-fourth episode of Beyblade: 2000.


The Bladebreakers spend an extra day in Paris and split up to see the sights.

Ray catches up with his uncle (a chef at one of Oliver's restaurants), Max goes on a wild shopping spree, and Kai goes in search of information while battling random bladers. Tyson and Kenny try to see the Louvre but end up re-encountering Oliver, the French champion, who rented the Louvre for himself all day. He holds no ill will towards Tyson and Kenny for disturbing him and he accepts Tyson's challenge.

At first Oliver's Bit-Beast, Unicolyon, is too much for Dragoon, but Tyson soon proves that even the French champion has a thing or two to learn about Beyblading as they tie.

After the battle with Oliver, he tells the Bladebreakers about his friend, Enrique. This prompts the team to travel all the way to Italy to meet the prodigy.

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