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When in Rome... Beyblade! (コロッセオの決闘!, Duel in the Coliseum!) is the thirty-fifth episode of Beyblade: 2000.


The Bladebreakers arrive in Rome, searching for the local champion Enrique. Scoffing at their Beyblade challenge, Enrique decides he would rather spend the day with some of his lady-friends. But Tyson soon convinces him to battle.

Enrique accepts and the match takes place in his personalized BeyStadium, built after the Colosseum. Enrique, dressed up in an actual Roman centurion uniform, soon unleashes his bit-beast Amphilyon, which has two heads and, as such, battles as if it was controlling two Beyblades at the same time.

Eventually, Amphilyon tries to attack Tyson himself, forcing Dragoon to block it with its body, costing Tyson the match. Kenny scolds Enrique for the cowardly attack on Tysons life. Tyson vows to beat him in a rematch.

Major Events[]



Featured Beybattles[]


  • In the English Dub:
    • Kenny Slaps Enrique is not shown.