A Majestic Battle... A Majestic Victory? (決めろ! 勝利への力, Decide! The Power to Win) is the thirty-ninth episode of Beyblade: 2000.


Match two gets underway at the Olympia Coliseum, and with both fighters getting unsolicited help from their respective teammates, Kai manages to defeat Johnny. Both leave the bowl criticizing their colleagues' attitude, while Enrique reflects on how the Majestics have always been just a group of undefeated Beybladers, while the Bladebreakers work better as a team due to their teamwork spirit.

Tyson and Robert battle toe-to-toe, but Tyson wins and the Majestics learn a lesson about teamwork. The Dark Bladers, who have held Kenny hostage at the stands, announce they have given up their evil plans.

Mr. Dickenson appears and reveals that he was the old man who tricked them into missing their boat, as part of a plan to force them to explore Europe and its talented Beybladers. The Bladebreakers realize that he did them a favor as they were able to experience these styles and use them to improve their own skills.

The Bladebreakers bid the Majestics and Dark Bladers farewell as they all look on to greater adventures.

Major Events

  • Kai has a rematch with Johnny and wins.
  • Tyson has a rematch against Robert and wins.
  • The Bladebreakers become victorious in the European Tournament.
  • The Majestics learn the true meaning of teamwork.
  • The Dark Bladers reform from their initial goals.
  • The team discovers that Mr. Dickenson was the mysterious man who tricked them off their boat to explore Europe's Beyblading styles by themselves.
  • The Bladebreakers leave Europe.



Featured Beybattles


  • In the English Dub:
    • Kai grabbing Tyson for bothering him was not shown.
    • Tyson flying towards the floor was not shown.


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