Live and Let Kai! (悪夢のセレモニーマッチ, The Nightmare Ceremony Match) is the forty-third episode of Beyblade: 2000.


It's the first day of the Beyblade World Championships in Moscow, Russia, and as the Bladebreakers leave their hotel, they still haven't been able to locate Kai who's been missing for some time. Regardless, they arrive at the tournament and meet up with both the White Tigers and All Starz and they invite them to watch their matches against the Demolition Boys.

At first, things seem fairly normal, that is, until they start to battle. Steve is first to battle against Ian, and although Steve was packed with attack rings, Ian wins. Next, Eddy goes head-to-head against Tala, and Tala easily wins that match within seconds. Then, Michael has to square off against a mystery member of the Demolition Boys and it turns out to be none other than Kai, who has defected from the Bladebreakers.

In the final battle, Kai thinks his Black Dranzer is so powerful that he could take on all of the All Starz at once, which he does and he wins. After his victory, he commands the All Starz Bit-Beasts to enter his blade, which they do, and he announces to the world that he now possesses the most powerful Beyblade in the world.

Everyone is left mortified with Kai's sudden personality shift, especially Tyson.

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  • This episode marks the first time Kai uses Black Dranzer after perfecting its use in the previous episode.
  • The scene was cut in dub version where Tyson tries to stop Kai from walking to the Beystadium and asks him why he joined Demolition Boys, Kai just tells him to get out of his way but Tyson demands the answer, only ends up being punched to the ground by Kai as he makes his way to the Beystadium.


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