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Breaking the Ice (バイカル湖の決闘, Duel at Lake Baikal) is the forty-fifth episode of Beyblade: 2000.


The episode begins with Tyson, Ray and Kenny eating breakfast at the hotel. But downtrodden and dejected, they ask themselves over and over again: “Why would Kai betray us?”. Soon enough, however, the boys get a chance to ask him themselves. Summoned by Kai to Beyblade on a frozen lake, the Bladebreakers must not only win to save their Bit Beasts, but must convince Kai that they will always be his teammates.

Meanwhile, Max is with his mother, saying their goodbyes. However, Emily gets word of the guys battling Kai and Max realizes that he must help them defeat him. Before leaving, Max is given an updated version of Draciel.

Kai defeats the Bladebreakers, almost taking away Dragoon, but just in the nick of time, Max arrives to stop Kai from stealing bit beasts. With Max's newly upgraded Draciel, Black Dranzer stands no chance. Tyson summons Dranzer and after a bit of fighting, the four bit beasts of the Bladebreakers defeat Black Dranzer. The ice breaks, Kai is trapped, realizing his mistakes he made, he apologizes to the Bladebreakers, they save and pull him out of the ice. Kai rejoins the team, then returns to Boris' lab to make things right.

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